Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Transfer PDF files from PC to Nokia LUMIA. :-D

Nokia Lumia – Easy, not the easiest :P way to transfer PDF files to your Phone, as there is no option in ZUNE, so its much better ;)
As i was using Nokia Lumia from past few months, and facing difficulties in synchronizing pdf files, I came up with the solution.
Tools required :-
  1. Wifi Connection.
  2. XAMPP (For creating server)
Step 1:- Download and install XAMPP. (Everything is provided there, even how to start it)
Step 2:- Start the XAMPP.
Step 3:- Go to your C:\xampp\htdocs\ and delete all the contents from there.
Step 4:- Create a folder named Nokia-Lumia inside it.
Step 5:- Open cmd & find the IP(a.b.c.d) of your machine.

Step 6:- You are almost done. Copy all the PDF files into the Nokia-Lumia folder (You want to transfer to the phone).
Step 7:- Connect the phone with your wifi connection to the network.
Step 8:- Open Internet Explorer (IE) in your phone.
Step 9:- Go to http://a.b.c.d/Nokia-Lumia/ (in my case it is you will find all your PDF files here, download them with speed of 54 Mbps :-D.
Step 10:- Start reading PDF in your phone.
Step 11:- For uploading, you need PHP script. Message me if required.



  1. Will the wifi network created by connectify from laptop can work to connect windows phone lumia with laptop.

    1. For what purpose? To transfer PDF files, Yeah,, It will work.