Thursday, 15 November 2012

Make bootable USB of Windows 8 using DISKPART command, no 3rd party tool

So you want to make a bootable USB for windows 8, and don't want to use 3rd party tool.

So DISKPART utility is the solution of your problem.

Tools needed :-

1. Windows 8 DVD (Ofcourse, dont ask why :-P)
2. USB Drive (4GB or 8GB)

Steps to follow :-

Step 1 :- Open CMD (command prompt) using administrative privileges.
Step 2 :- Give the command DISKPART.
Step 3 :- Enter LIST DISK command & it will show all the drives present in your PC, hopefully your USB drive, if its working properly.
Step 4 :-Select your SELECT DISK X (Replace X with USB drive number).
Step 5:  Type CLEAN. It will delete all the information present on USB.
Step 6 :-  Enter CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY. For creating primary partition.
Step 7 :-  Enter SELECT PARTITION 1. Selects primary partition created above.
Step 8 :-  Enter FORMAT FS=FAT32 QUICK. Fast format the partition with FAT32 file system. You can skip QUICK, if you have so much of time. :-)
Step 9 :-  Enter ACTIVE. It activates the partition.
Step 10:-  Enter ASSIGN. It will assign drive letter to your USB.
Step 11:-  Enter EXIT. It will make your exit from DISKPART utility.
Step 12:- Insert your Windows 8 DVD in the DVD ROM.

Step 13:-  Now copy the contents, enter XCOPY A: B: /S/E/H/K/C. Replace A with DVD ROM drive letter and B with USB drive letter.
Step 14:-  Type EXIT to  exit from process. Exits copying section.Your USB is done and bootable now.
Step 15:- Go and intall windows 8. :-P

Aksshay Sharma

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