Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Virtual Terminal For Windows lover :)

Hi ,

Are you windows lover and want to give a try to linux terminal,

So here is virtual termianl to test on :

Its fun way to do some experiments here.


Friday, 11 January 2013

FoxGlove : Firefox + Google by Alex

FOXGLOVE a browser for GOOGLE lovers,

Alex customized the Firefox Portable & integrated his browser with Google Apps.

Alex :-

I found myself running Firefox in two windows: One with Gmail, Google Reader and other webapps, and the other for my casual web wanderings. I read about Chrome's feature that lets you can set up a standalone launcher for any webapp, but I wanted all my apps together in tabs, and I wanted access to all the customization and extensibility of Firefox, but without overhauling my current setup. Then I remembered Asian Angel's howto on running multiple copies of Firefox portable. So, I decided to build a second Firefox install specifically around using Google Apps, one that I could run side-by-side with my regular Firefox browser.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

WMIC - WIndows Management and instrumentation Console - Powerful command line tool for Windows

Hi Friends,

Today i am going to discuss about the very powerful tool by windows known as WMIC,

Task Manager - Not working
Windows Defender - Not working
IE - unable to start
System got hacked.

Now what can i do?

Proceed for WMIC tool (Windows Management Instrumentation Console (Command line tool))

Benefits - In built tool by Microsoft.

So how to work with it?

wmic process [pid] delete - equivalent to kill -9 pid as in ubuntu - To kill the process
wmic process where name='cmd.exe' delete
wmic process list brief /every:1 - Similar to top command as in linux
wmic useraccount - To know about the account details
wmic startup list full - Startup Programs

A good example by Alan Ridgeway - C:\> wmic /output:[file] [stuff you want it to do] /format:[format]
Ex - wmic /output:os.html os get /format:hform

Will post all your data, in a html format, you can output your data in CSV,PDF etc version.

To find alias info

wmic [alias] list full

Now start scripting with it and share some good result.

And in the last to explore more, you can look for help option

wmic /?

Good day,
Aksshay Sharma